Find answers to key questions

How many shots will I get?

We aim for one great shot that meets your expectations for your work or play social media profiles. If there are other shots from the shoot that you like you are welcome to them at no extra cost.

Do you re-touch the photographs?

We colour balance and do very minor retouching to the chosen image. Any major work will have to be discussed and could incur extra cost.

Will you shoot outside of the central and west London areas?

Anything is possible but will increase travel time and cost. Contact us to ask.

What if I don’t like the image?

We will continue shooting until you are satisfied with the result or refund you the fee.

Do I own the image?

You own the rights to use the image for you own personal use. You may not sell it or use it commercially. MFWAP retain the copyright.

What if the weather is too bad to shoot?

We will contact you before the shoot to re-schedule.

How do I pay?

By bank card or cash, before the shoot commences.

I don’t know the best location for my shoot?

leave it to us. We will aim to find a suitable location before meeting up.